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The City of Cape Town is a proud supporter of Cape Town Pride, and we cannot wait to welcome all the attendees to the Mother City in February and March 2024. This has become an annual highlight in the city, and the Pride Parade march on the 2nd of March promises to be another wonderfully festive affair.

Cape Town is, without a doubt, the most diverse, inclusive city in South Africa. You will not find a bigger melting pot of cultures, races, languages and religions anywhere else in Africa, and this diversity most certainly extends to our large and growing LGBTQI+ community.

When we speak of Cape Town being a beacon of hope in our country, we also mean a place where the constitutionally enshrined rights to freedom from discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation are proudly upheld, and where everyone feels safe and free to be who they are and love whom they want to love.

When thousands of people take to the streets of Cape Town for the annual Pride march – to celebrate diversity, raise awareness and strengthen our cohesion – our city is transformed into an even more spectacular version of its already bright and colourful self. It is a wonderful sight to behold.

To everyone attending Cape Town Pride from out of town, I wish you the warmest welcome to our city and an unforgettable Pride celebration and parade. We love having you here, and we are proud to celebrate the visibility and diversity of our LGBTQI+ community with you.

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful city!

Geordin Hill-Lewis
Cape Town Mayor