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Pride Book Night 2
18:00 - February 28, 2023
Zer021 Social Club, 46 Canterbury St, District Six, 7925 Get directions


Come and meet Barbara Kingsley who will be in conversation with Dorian Basson. They'll be talking about her book I AM HUMAN which describes her experience of living with HIV for more than two decades.

Barbara says: “I am’ are two of the most powerful words in the English language because it is what we put after it that determines our life’s trajectory. What am I? I am powerful, worthy, valuable, invincible… I am human. " The book is powerful because it shows my journey. It starts from the day that I was diagnosed: how I felt, how I lived in a place of utter denial that nearly cost me my life, and how I never gave up. It’s about giving us a voice, showing our faces. HIV is not simply a medical diagnosis, it is a psychological thing that one needs to accept and come to terms with."

I AM HUMAN explores rejection, acceptance, transphobia, discrimination and the stigma surrounding HIV and Aids. “It is a basic human need of every person to be valued and to be accepted for who they are, unconditionally. Every single person deserves to be accepted for who they are no matter their status or sexual orientation,” she says. “That is why I wrote the book because there is only one of me, and I can only speak so much but this book gives me a voice and a platform to go as far as I can.“

More information is to be confirmed.

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