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Curious Playroom Vogue Ball
20:00 - February 25, 2023
District, 61c Harrington St, District Six, 7925


Calling all whaackers, voguers and posers! We invite you to come out, play naughty or nice and light up the dancefloor this Cape Town Pride. #OwnYourTruth
ilukuluku Collective Presents: The Curious Play Room for Pride 2023
In aid of our community and upliftment project for the PRIDE SHELTER CAPE TOWN. All funds raised through this initiative will directly benefit the PRIDE SHELTER TRUST
From the Creative Director of SPECTRUM and Mother of the House of Vineyard South Africa, Cheshire Vineyard in and collaboration with the Ilukuluku Collective they proudly present: the Curious Play Room - a new and exciting platform to spark your curiosity, learn new ways of expression and simply play.
The Curious Play Room is a Kiki ball & play space. With 3 categories, 3 judges and 3 cash prizes!
Expect the unexpected, Dress to express and participate in a night filled with death-dropping acts as the collab extends to various houses inc the House of Le Cap and more. Spark your curiosity, and learn new ways of expression. Come Play!
R.O.A.R. Regret NoU21s
*Registration to walk is FREE but essential.
Check back soon for judges' announcement
Remember, It’s our birthright to #OwnYourTruth and the freedom of choice is our greatest gift. Join us on this particular night to radically express yourself. We create a community, and we intentionally welcome all. We do this without requiring adherence to any belief or creed. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. We cherish the diversity of humanity, a diversity which includes differences in sex, age, race, ethnicity, and national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, and political perspective. These beliefs and practices apply to all of the activities of our congregation; they inform all of our decisions. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

More information is to be confirmed.

Check Facebook or Instagram and for further information.


ilukuluku Collective
Cape Town Pride
in Collaboration with Cheshire Vineyard

Ticket Price


Check Facebook or Instagram and for further information.


18:00 Green Room Opens* (For registered participants only)
19:30 DOORS OPEN with a welcome drink by ABSOLUT VODKA*
20:00 KIKI with ________
22:00 FUNCTION with Chesire V (Spectrum) & KDOLLAHZ
00:00 BEATS with Phijos (The Other Radio)
02:00 BEATS with _________
Check back soon for more artist announcements
DJ, international playboy, and internet sensation
I’m influenced by soundtrack of yesteryears playboys, mac-daddies, supalovers and other such masters of the universe – not just in my sound but my persona,” says KDOLLAHZ.
In 2019, the DJ-cum-internet-sensation-cum-cultural-figurehead turned up on Angel-Ho’s “Pose”, played a blowout set at Rocking the Daisies and continued to deliver the live sets that have seen him become a consistent feature of South Africa’s music line-ups.
With over 150 shows in 2017, kicking off the Boiler Room & Ballantine’s True Music Cape Town DJ Set, mixing on local and international platforms, including Rinse FM, being nominated by The Plug as one of the most influential people in SA culture (2018), supporting MIA’s South African shows, and serving up beats for the 2018 Jose Cuervo Seize The City.
In this truly inclusive space, that's OTA (Open To All), we encourage a mindset of youthful abandon as we celebrate Pride through queer embodiment and expression.
A safe space for our queer bodies, for our wild bodies, for our human bodies, for all our bodies. Letting our inner child know that it is safe to come out and play.
About PHIJOS (The Other Radio)
Phijos is the catch-all alias of Philippus Johan, who hails from Cape Town, South Africa. Confident in the comically broad music taste he’s developed through initiatives he’s helped set up over the years (including The Other Radio, The Other Records, SWIM and Search Festival), he mashes up club, bass, italo, jungle, r’nb, breaks and techno into one very energetic cocktail. Don't worry about the ingredients, worry about the garnish: a sleazy and euphoric wedge of queerness to smack your lips on. No holy cows!
He's performed either as Phijos or with The Other DJs at a wide gamut of events and clubs, including SPECTRUM, Modular, Mouth2Mouth Festival, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, Smalltown Beat, The Death of Glitter and Search Festival. Now we fucking rave!